Once upon a time...

… there was a company called Karen, Inc. It was run by a horrible, evil, nasty man. The employees called him Disease. He made them work long hours in a dark, cold building. No vacations. No chitchat. No frolicking with cohorts.

After years of misery, the employees gathered together and decided to revolt. They spoke to the Powers That Be and got the old curmudgeon fired. No severance package. No golden parachute. Just a good stern kick in the pants.

They brought in a new She E O. Her name was Ms. Ease. She had kind eyes and a gentle heart.

“I want you to love working here,” she told her new clan. She didn’t call them employees; she called them cells. “If even one of you is unhappy, all of us will suffer.” She painted the walls sunshine yellow. She gave out thermoses of hot chocolate – with marshmallows on top.

“Take a break whenever you need to,” she said. “If there’s anything I can do for you, please let me know.”

 The cells were so happy they laughed and sang. Some were even seen skipping.

 “You have only one job to do,” Ms. Ease said. “Build strong muscles.” And so they did.

 And they all lived happily ever after.